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We provide a full custom orthopaedic footwear solution, from scanning your patient’s foot through to manufacturing your patterns. However, being an open system it allows you to build a solution which meets your exact needs.

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Foot Scanning

3D laser scanning solutions

Foot Scanning

Your patient’s foot can be scanned in non-weight, partial-weight and full-weight bearing positions.

Key measurements and landmark positions on the foot can be produced automatically. Using digital scanning technology can eliminate the messy, time consuming foot casting and plaster cast moulding process, plus you save the cost of ongoing casting materials and shipping costs. Digital data storage of your patient’s scanned feet will help to eliminate the need for physical storage of your casts and moulds.

Your existing orthopaedic lasts can be scanned to produce a digital database of your patient’s lasts.

Model with ...

3D last engineering and modification solution

Orthopaedic LastMaker

Delcam Orthopaedic LastMaker is easy to use and you can learn to modify lasts within hours. It compresses the time it takes you produce your orthopaedic lasts, allowing you to get finished designs to your manufacturer faster and at a lower cost.

A digital last design is selected from a database and can be modified by using the key measurements of your patient’s foot, either manually or produced automatically from the scanning process. The scanned 3D model of your patient’s foot can also be used as a template to adjust the last to the required shape and fit. The combination of the scanned model and advanced last adjustment tools ensure that the finished orthopaedic shoe will fit your patient’s foot accurately.

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Design with ...

3D concept footwear design and manufacturing solution

Orthopaedic ShoeMaker / ShoeStyle

Delcam Orthopaedic ShoeMaker is easy to learn and use, so even the most complex orthopaedic footwear designs can be produced within hours. Photo-realistic 3D designs allow you to make decisions faster, without the need to produce several costly samples.

Design features created in 3D allow manufacturing issues and costs to be analysed and changed early in the design process. Material textures, accessories and features allow different orthopaedic design concepts to be evaluated easily. Build and utilise your own libraries and apparel to speed the design process, and to build a portfolio of conventional footwear ranges from which your customer can choose.

An existing design model can be transferred to the new orthopaedic last using ShoeMaker's 'Design Transfer' function, eliminating the need to design from scratch. 

Your patient can view the design on their own lasts at no additional cost using our FREE to download ShoeMaker Viewer. Any adjustments to the design can be made within minutes and reviewed again within seconds.

Alternatively, the design style lines can be engineered in 3D using Orthopaedic ShoeStyle to produce a 3D style.  This ensures that the correct positions for each of the upper component parts are maintained in relation to the requirements of your patient’s foot.

Quick, accurate flattening of the orthopaedic last formes and design style lines maintain fit, size and aesthetic shape for advanced 2D pattern development.

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Make with ...
Engineer Plus

2D pattern development solution

Orthopaedic Engineer Plus

Delcam Orthopaedic Engineer Plus is an extremely powerful tool to produce orthopaedic samples or production patterns in the fastest possible time.

The flattened orthopaedic last formes and style lines are engineered to produce the standard. Allowances for the underlay and folding skives, lasting margin and markers are created to allow the pattern parts to be defined accurately.

The individual pattern pieces can be output to cut the pattern pieces directly from the materials used for the shoe, or to produce paper or brass-bound patterns for manual cutting.

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Solutions with ...

Hardware solutions for data input and output

Delcam can offer, or recommend, a range of different hardware solutions for the capture of digital data created needed for the orthopaedic footwear process.

Hardware solutions for:-

  • Scanning the foot
  • Scanning the plantar surface of the foot
  • Scanning conventional lasts
  • Milling the orthopaedic last
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Cutting patterns from paper, card or patternboard (brass bound patterns
  • Direct material cutting

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